The Fastest Gaming PC is now AMD! Build | 2021

Oh my God, this is heavy. This is it. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first, Oh, wow. It’s heavy. The first unironically, top of the line, AMD gaming system. In, what? 14 years or something like that. That’s right.

Today, I have the pleasure, nay the privilege of unboxing and gaming on an AMD Ryzen 59, 50 X Aventum X from Digital Storm, days before the official release. And I could not be more excited because it does not get any better than this.

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You can click the link in thedescription to learn more. (up beat music) Just to give you guys someidea how heavy this box is. Like, I weigh 160 pounds, This is what it takes for me to tip it. Did I hear, did I hearsomething rattling in there?

Oh, Oh my God. The bottom of this box fell apart. Like, no mortal box can contain its greatness. Ah. Ah yes, motherboard accessories. Wonderful. Just in case what we hadalready wasn’t crazy enough, we could put another two M dot twos in this expansion cardwith the cooling fan on it. Oh, that’s a nice touch.

Did they put all the LTT stickers on it? Nerds. LTT Oh my god. Oh, it’s so heavy. Oh, No, no. I want to do it. I want to do it. Oh, I think I’m stuck to the computer. I give up, take into it. I can’t do it. Hold on. Wait.

Holy crap. I can do it. Oh, that’s why I couldn’t. Wow. Holy banana grandma. If there has ever existed, a symbol of completeand utter PC gaming, XS. This is it. Oh, very funny guys. They put a LTT sweatbandon the unfeeling bridge.

That’s right my friends, this contains not only an AMD Ryzen nine 59 50 X, 16core 32 Freda processor, but also dual RTX 39. Wait, what? What the hell are these? Shut up. Oh, wait. What? Wait, what are these? What the fudge? Where the?

What the hell are these? They’ve got their own Digital Storm, co-branded alpha cooledback plates on them. These are sick. These are so small. Just to make sure this isn’tme being absolutely crazy.

Here’s a strict 30 90 from Asus. Here it is relative to the card that’s installed in the case. Now the PCB ends here, but still. So we’ve got a quad 140millimeter radiator on this side. We’ve got what appears tobe a triple 140 millimeter in the top. Let’s go ahead and takeoff the other panel. I cannot believe how much it weighs.

That’s right my friends, another two 140 millimeters over here to go with our 1600 wattpower supply, some extra just like random ambientcooling airflow over here. Remember guys, theseare all light loop fans.

This thing, did I mentionalready, is not cheap. And this absolute masterpiece of a water distribution block in the back. I haven’t even turned it on yet. Oh wow. They put a mechanical drive in here. Silly Digital Storm. We’ve got to compete with the PS5. This must have like over 500 dollars worth of fittings in it.

Look at this. We’ve got quick disconnects on this side and this side for the CPU. So we could just pop the tube off. Crazy, Right? Quick disconnects over here for the GPUs which are connected as like one unit just here, let me justre-plumbed my system.

64 gigs of memory MSI God-like motherboard. I think it’s time to plugthis thing in and try it. Look at it next to a 27 inch monitor. Baby’s first monitor over there. Oh, shh. I just dropped it again. I had just found the screw.

That was rattling around, there it is. You said there were a few screws lose. – [Man On Camera] Three. – Three? Oh my God. I don’t know where they go. We’ll just put them thereif the side panels screws.

All right, let’ fire it up. Oh, with that. Yeah, let’s do this properly. Apparently this G-Nine is one of the ones for the pyramid PC client. Hopefully he doesn’tmind me pre-testing it. This is the one monitorthat won’t look stupid next to this computer. I don’t know about youguys, but I’m having fun. I want to go fast.

Oh, here we go. Yeah. Yeah. This is fine. Oh God. I forgot about the pillmanagement thing on the stand. My expectation, Aw, pinched my finger. Ooh. Yeah, that is full down. That is like holdingback all the water down. Curiously, I can see the waterflow rates are pretty low. I guess that makes sense.

There’s only a singlepump in this poor thing. And then there’s all thesequick connects and all that. I’m still expecting it to be fine but that’s something we’re going to want to keep an eye on. As we check our attemptsand do some gaming here.

Oh my God. There’s even an RGB fan rightbehind the front panel here. You cannot see it at all. This orange and white color scheme they pre-rigged it with is sweet. Oh my God. There’s another three more hidden behind the front panel ply.

It looks like those loose screws weren’t too much of a problem. This is great. It’s like almost proportional. You know the computer still looks big. (laughing) This isn’t actually whereI want to be though.

Digital storm says that they did a little bit offactory overclocking for me. So I want to check that out first. Oh, see settings. All right. Nothing crazy in here. We’re running at 4.4 gigahertzwith a slight over-voltage on the CPU and really no other changes.

Just running the 3,200megahertz XMP profile for this memory. Now AMD does recommend 3,600 megahertz for optimal performance. But digital storm was like when we were building the machine this was kind of all we had on hand.

So hopefully it’s all right. (bang) One compromise. Throw it all away. Just put it in the garbage. Oh, you’re supposed tolet me walk out of frame. This is an unconventional benchmark. There it is. 59 50 X base speed four points, so we’re at 4.4 gigahertz,Rock fricking solid here.

64 gigs Ram. And that’s weird. Why is only one GPU showing up? No, that’s a lie. Okay. That’s reseat that puppy. This, this is what I wanted to benchmark. Okay. Check this out. CPU utilization 98% doing what you might ask?

downloading a game, but hold on. But hold on. That’s not crazy. That’s not stupid. What’s happening right now is we’re on a 10 gig connection here at the office and I am linked right now to be Vancouver steam server and downloading Red Dead Redemption 2 at a speed of 500 megabytes per second 500 megabytes.

not make a bit that is five gigabit or at least it was a second ago. And, why I say that this is a benchmark of sorts. Is that when you download a game typically you’re downloading and decompressing the files at the same time.

So you can often end up ina very CPU limited scenario. So is the Ryzen 59 50 X the fastest CPU for downloading games if you have mega fast internet? probably actually. Let’s try Grand Theft Auto now, shall we? Oh, one hour, 14 minutes.

What? Ah, four minutes, 46 seconds? That’s more like it. How are we doing here? 550? 600! 600. Guys. This is over the internet. This is not even a cache server local. How’s our CPU doing? Oh wow. CPU said not even too high.

That’s interesting. So what you guys need to understand is that every game iscompressed differently. So with Red Dead, for example,we were able to use all of our course, but stillour speeds were lower than Grand Theft Auto where Grand Theft Auto seems to belimited to a smaller number of course, but still we’regetting greater speeds.

So it depends how much it’s compressed and how it’s compressed. We’re going to download Grand Theft Auto 5 in like two and a half fricking minutes.

Oh, Whoa. Hey, there it goes. Interesting. So we got the spike upto 600 plus megabytes a second and CPU utilizationwas actually very low.

And so I, I confess, I don’t know a ton about exactly how theycompress these games but it looks like we settledinto a steady state here and we’re back up to a hundredpercent CPU utilization. Fastest game downloadingPC in the universe. It’s hard to reach the power button.

Oh yeah. There’s like SD card readerand front USB three and type C and everything up therecouldn’t even tell. I literally can’t see over it. Okay. Did we just need afresh driver installed? Was that it? just a clean install? Okay.

With SLI and G sync now working, the last thing left is 240 Hertz. Unfortunately, there’s forum threads from as recently as like 10 days ago with people saying Nvidiaand Samsung are still working on display stream compression compatibility between RTX 3000 andthis particular display.

So I’m not even going to try. We’re just going to enjoy it at 120 Hertz and play some freaking Article games here. Okay. Ultra nightmare. All of that sensitivity though. Wait a minute. You gotta be kidding me.

Changing the DPI of my mouse changed the profile of the whole IQ ecosystem, it turned off the RGBlighting in the system.

At least this is running amazing. So we are at half of 5K resolution right now running at170 frames per second. And what kind of temps we seeing CPU is sitting around 60 degrees and hard GPU that’s not doing any work is sitting around 30 something and 50, I’m the onethat is doing any work.

Let’s fire up, Shadow The Tomb Raider now, since that’s one of the few games that actually supports us alive. I know Steve from gamers, nexus, wouldn’t approve of the way that it’s like all solid panels and you know, there’s no actual cooling but when you have this many fans seems to kind of work out okay.

Also, I didn’t notice this but it looks like thereare intentional panel gaps between the glass sides hereand where these fans are. So they are actually able topull in a little bit of air. I like that there’s a lot moving out of the back here somehow, all vents, all the time, no mumble.

Now, let’s absolutely crankShadow The Tomb Raiders. Greenspace contact Shadows, High. Ray trace shadow quality, ultra. We’re still going to turn off motion blur ’cause it’s garbage. But let’s open it up. This is absolutely freaking nuts.

I have this game completely maxed out and it’s still running over a hundred FPS with like real-time raytracing set to ultra. Our GPU so far, if peakedat 61 and 52 degrees, respectively. Not too shabby. CPU though, as high as 74 degrees.

But that’s what happens whenyou have a pretty low flow rate and you’re overclocked. Here it is, Witcher 3 51, 20 but oh for **** sakes. Witcher three 51, 20 by 1440, absolutely ultra everything again over a hundred frames per second.

Man, this is a good looking game still. Of course the real test of a gaming system with a hyper fast multi-threaded CPU is an RTS. This is good old Anno 1800, pretty demanding when you max it out. That’s really not bad. Now.

Like the medium zoom level where all of a sudden thestreets are like populated with all kinds of littleAI character is going about the little stuff we dropped down to to about 30, 35 FPS. Look, it’s nice. I have horses. Usage of the primary GPU while playing Anno 1800, usage of the secondary GPU.

(laughing) Oh, FLI, come on, Red Dead. It’s crashing almost every time I try to change graphical settings but I managed to get it tohold the resolution this time. So let’s see if it fires up here. Yeah. This is completely broken. Okay. Oh, it’s fine. Everyone knows that Cinebench is every gamersfavorite game anyway.

So it’s just close this and see how our 59 50 X with its 4.4 gigahertz clock speed rolls through Cinebench R20. Can we crack 10,000? Oh yeah. 10,081. Nice. Of course we still haven’t showed any scenarios where you’d be able to actually run thisdisplay at 240 frames per a second with this hardware until now, check that out.

We’re somewhere in the210 and 220 FPS range. Good old CS go, ladies and gentlemen. Of course, that’s running with all the eye candyon, at full resolution which no competitive CSgo player would ever do.

So I would expect FPSway in excess of that. And in fact, if you guyswant the full skinny, check out our full review ofthe Ryzen 5,000 series launch which went up just a fewdays ago on the channel. So conclusion then.

The digital storm Aventum X, with a rise in 59, 50 accent, dual RTX 30 nineties running an SLI. Is it a great value? No, of course not.

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